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Naturopath, trained Herbalist
and Reflexologist

Trained in Naturopathy, medicinal plants and well-being massages, I support you step by step in taking control of your health.​

As a recognized OMNES (Organization of Natural Medicine and Health Education) practitioner, I respect strict professional ethics in order to provide you with the best support, adapted to your area.

Natural health specialist

​Saro or Mandravasarotra is a powerful purifying plant which means 'which keeps diseases away' in Malagasy.


In the same spirit, Naturopathy is a practice which aims to rebalance and preserve your health capital.


This discipline also aims to bring to your attention a set of treatment methods which aim to help your body heal itself in a natural and ecological way. It is mainly based on 4 pillars: diet, hydration, movement and sleep. Your Naturopath practitioner also trains in certain techniques specific to him and aimed at strengthening the vitality of his clients. For my part, I am trained in massages (lymphatic, well-being, hot stones, relaxation by suction cups) as well as in cranio-facial and plantar reflexology.

My goal is to help you take care of yourself so that in the long term, you can be an actor in your balance without having to resort to my help ;).​

With gratitude,


Studies and trainings

2024: Practitioner Certificate in Facio-Cranial Reflexology (Catherine Cressens Center).

2023: Validation of 3 years of Herbalist studies (ELPM - Lyon).

2022: Private Diploma in Naturopathy (ENA & MNC - 1350 hours of training).

2022: Hot Stone Massage Certificate (EBEE).

2022: Cupping Relaxation Massage Certificate (EBEE).

2022: Lymphatic Drainage Massage Certificate (Physiotherapist Sarah David).

2014: Californian Massage Certificate (EBEE).

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