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What is naturopathy ?

According to the WHO (World Health Organization):
Naturopathy is a set of treatment methods aimed at strengthening the body’s defenses by means considered natural and organic.

The European Union classifies Naturopathy among unconventional medicines and the World Health Organization among traditional medicines.

The term Naturopathy comes from the Latin natura which means “nature” and the Greek pathos which means “feeling, emotion”.

Naturopathy therefore means healing by following the rules of nature.

Take charge of your health

Naturopathy, based on the principle of the vital energy of the body, brings together practices from Western tradition and is based on natural health agents:

  • food

  • hydrology

  • psychology

  • physical exercises

  • breathing

  • plants

  • reflexology

  • manual and energetic techniques

It aims to preserve and optimize the overall health of the individual, their quality of life, as well as to allow the body to self-regenerate by natural means.

Naturopathy IS NOT:

- passive support. The client must be an ACTOR of HIS/HER change.

- a discipline carried out by a practitioner whose training in Naturopathy includes less than 1350 hours of teaching.

- a technique with an obligation of results but an obligation of means (like your doctor or any other therapist).

- support which is likely to replace that of your doctor.

You hold the solutions within you. The Naturopath is there to help you move towards them.

Just like any good therapist. In trust."


Why Naturopathy ?

Naturopathy allows you to strengthen your Vitality and can bring you better health in the case of the following disorders.

Plantes d'herbes

Naturopathy can help you relieve digestive disorders, particularly through hygienic and dietary rules and plants (IBS, food intolerances, regulation of transit).


The vitality assessment carried out by your Naturopath helps to better assess the potential origins of your fatigue and to find natural solutions to relieve you.

Detoxification need

Do you feel bloated? To have slow digestion? Having difficulty losing weight? Or suffer from excessive sweating? Having acne problems or frequent runny noses? To suffer from allergies? Your emunctories (exit portals from the body) may be saturated. Let's discuss it.

Women's health

Naturopathy can also help you in the case of female disorders (painful, light or too heavy periods, PMS(Pre-Menstrual Syndromes), Menopause, Endometriosis, Baby-blues, etc...)


If you are having difficulty losing weight, your Naturopath can provide you with valuable tools to lose weight sustainably and gently.


Stress generates major internal upheavals in the long term: mechanical, hormonal, digestive, nervous, neuronal, leading to various disorders: difficulty in digestion, insomnia, tendon-muscular pain, depression, addictions, etc. Solutions exist. to accompany you.


At your service.

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