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Professional Ethics Practitioner OMNES

Omnes is the oldest group of professionals, a benchmark for Naturopathy in France both in terms of its quality standards and its number of members. Naturopathy focuses more on the person than the disease by restoring balance and well-being.

This code of ethics is inspired by the moral and ethical values ​​of traditional medicine as conceived and taught by Hippocrates.

1. Your Omnes Naturopath undertakes to have an attitude of kindness, consideration and encouragement towards his consultant.

He takes care not to cause harm in the natural treatments he recommends.

2. Your Omnes Naturopath is committed to being authentic in their profession by responding to the needs of the consultant rather than their own desires. He undertakes to respect confidentiality.

3. Your Omnes Naturopath is committed to practicing his profession with humanity, integrity and loyalty, always respecting the person on a physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual level.

It remains neutral regarding the private life of the consultant.

4. Your Omnes Naturopath undertakes to find out if a medical treatment is in progress, he takes this into account when establishing his therapeutic program.

5. Your Omnes Naturopath undertakes to transmit to his consultant, in popular language, information relating to his state of health and his vital hygiene program.

He does not make a medical diagnosis.

6. Your Omnes Naturopath undertakes to recognize the limits of his knowledge, skills and means at his disposal, to direct his consultant if necessary to another therapist.

He is also committed to maintaining brotherly relationships of respect between naturopath colleagues.

7. Your Omnes Naturopath undertakes to display its prices, to ask for reasonable fees, not to receive advance payment, not to sell products, not to accept so-called "snowball" pyramid sales, not to not receive commissions on commercial transactions. It avoids multiplying unnecessary therapeutic procedures.

He can benefit from benefits in kind if they enable research or solidarity actions and do not serve personal interests.

8. Your Omnes Naturopath undertakes to avoid any discrimination against people regardless of their race, social condition, religion, nationality or sexual orientation.

He refrains from any proselytism.

9. Your Omnes Naturopath undertakes not to consult in commercial premises, at fairs, in markets, in exhibition halls and hotel rooms.

10. Your Omnes Naturopath undertakes, to practice in the office, to be responsible for the information given on his site, to only practice follow-up consultations on the Internet except in exceptional situations (pandemic, confinement, immobilization for health reasons)

11. Your Omnes Naturopath undertakes to regularly participate in training and development courses (without following only training given by laboratories) in order to update and perfect his knowledge, with a minimum of 21 hours per year.

12. Your Omnes Naturopath undertakes to maintain professional secrecy and in the event of force majeure to communicate information to the competent authorities.

13. Your Omnes Naturopath undertakes with honesty and professionalism in his communication messages not to make any promises of healing or otherwise.

The use of the annual label “Omnes-naturopath health educator” is strictly reserved for the professional activities of the member.

14. Your Omnes Naturopath undertakes to practice his profession without any use of psychoactive substances.

15. Your Omnes Naturopath undertakes to inform the association if he is the subject of a legal investigation.

16. Your Omnes Naturopath undertakes to date/sign this ethical code and to respect it.

OMNES - 13 chemin des senteurs - 26400 Aouste-sur-Sye Siret : 38970433900073 - Code NAF : 9499Z
07 61 31 19 81 - et

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