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Your health starts here

Find your well-being thanks to Naturopathy and well-being massages

Who Am I ?

Natural health specialist

Saro or Mandravasarotra is a powerful purifying plant which means 'which keeps diseases away' in Malagasy.


Trained in Naturopathy, medicinal plants and well-being massages, I support you step by step in taking control of your health.​

Naturopathy is a practice which aims to rebalance and preserve your health capital, and to bring to your attention a set of care methods which aim to help your body heal itself in a natural and ecological way. This discipline is mainly based on 4 pillars: nutrition, hydration, movement and sleep.

My goal is to help you take care of yourself so that ultimately, you can be an actor in your balance without having to resort to my help ;).

As a recognized OMNES (Organization of Natural Medicine and Health Education) practitioner, I respect strict professional ethics in order to provide you with the best adapted support.

With gratitude,



Why Naturopathy ?

Naturopathy allows you to strengthen your Vitality and can bring you better health in the case of the following disorders.

Plantes d'herbes

Naturopathy can help you relieve digestive disorders, particularly through hygienic and dietary rules and plants (IBS, food intolerances, regulation of transit).


The vitality assessment carried out by your Naturopath helps to better assess the potential origins of your fatigue and to find natural solutions to relieve you.


Do you feel bloated? To have slow digestion? Having difficulty losing weight? Or suffer from excessive sweating? Having acne problems or frequent runny noses? To suffer from allergies? Your emunctories (exit portals from the body) may be saturated. Let's discuss it.

Women's health

Naturopathy can also help you in the case of female disorders (painful, light or too heavy periods, PMS(Pre-Menstrual Syndromes), Menopause, Endometriosis, Baby-blues, etc...)


If you are having difficulty losing weight, your Naturopath can provide you with valuable tools to lose weight sustainably and gently.


Stress generates major internal upheavals in the long term: mechanical, hormonal, digestive, nervous, neuronal, leading to various disorders: difficulty in digestion, insomnia, tendon-muscular pain, depression, addictions, etc. Solutions exist. to accompany you.



SARO is a company that offers Naturopathy consultations and wellness massages at home or in the office.

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